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Transcription/translation needed [29 Apr 2008|02:30pm]

My apologies if posting this is in violation of any community rules.

I work for a transcription service in Boston. One of our clients has an interview, about 1:15:00 long (available as an MP3) that is conducted in Yiddish. We would need someone to transcribe this interview and translate it into English.

Please comment or reply if you are interested or if you know of someone who can provide this service, and I will provide further information.

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партизанский концерт 9 января [04 Jan 2008|02:35am]

Группа "Der Partizaner Kish" ("Поцелуй партизанки") играет первый после долгого перерыва клубный концерт в Билингве 9 января, 21.00

В репертуаре группы народные еврейские песни на идиш и веселые клезмерские инструментальные композиции. Музыка танцевальная и лирическая, очень грустная и залихватски веселая. В прошлом году группа выпустила дебютный альбом.
Вход: 250 р, по флаеру (на сайте) - 200 р. Как пройти: www.bilinguaclub.ru

Послушать музыку: www.partizaner.ru/cd/cd.htm
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Песни на идиш [04 Sep 2007|02:09pm]

Еврейский вокальный ансамбль "Змирес" (Санкт-Петербург) приглашает желающих изучать идиш через песню.
Музыкальное образование приветствуется, но не обязательно.

В программе коллектива более 50 песен на идише, нигунов и молитв.
Занятия проходят в помещении Еврейского Общинного Центра Санкт-Петербурга по адресу: ул. Рубинштейна, д.3

Более подробную информацию можно узнать по телефону +79112579429 Анастасия.
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THERESA TOVA [02 Jul 2007|11:57pm]

Yiddish Jazz Diva sings Bayle Schechter, arr. John Alcorn

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הערט צו צו אַ ייִדיש וואָרט [26 Jun 2007|09:44am]

You can now listen to the Melbourne Australia's Yiddish News bulletin (Radio 3ZZZ 92.3FM -- Jewish News in Yiddish) at the website of the Australian Jewish News.

Go to The AJN online . Just click on the “Audio and Video” graphic.

This is in addition to the SBS Yiddish radio broadcasts which can be found at: Yiddish Radio
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[04 Jun 2007|02:51pm]

                 "L.O.L." :)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Литературно-музыкальный вечер (Петербург) [04 Jun 2007|01:51pm]

Еврейский общинный центр Санкт-Петербурга
Центр "Петербургская иудаика"


на литературно-музыкальный вечер


Песни на стихи
Ицика Мангера и Мордхе Гебиртига
в исполнении солистов вокального ансамбля "ЗМИРЕС"
Еврейского общинного центра Санкт-Петербурга

Художественный руководитель Анастасия Георгиевская
Концертмейстер Алексей Ярополов

Стихи Ицика Мангера в переводах
И.Булатовского, А.Глебовской, В.Дымшица, С.Степанова

Вечер состоится
6 июня в 19.30
в конференц-зале Европейского университета
(Гагаринская ул., 3)
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[03 Jun 2007|01:28pm]

Hi all,

Among my summer projects is to start work on a ashkenazish, pro-diaspora zine called 'i heart golus'. So, to that end i'm beginning the process by calling (mmm...more like begging) for submissions (textual and/or visual). For more information see http://iheartgoles.blogspot.com or email i.heart.goles [at] gmail
(yeah, i'm having an internal transliteration struggle between 'goles' and 'golus'...it'll be resolved eventually)

Ideally, this will be a bilingual zine, in Yiddish and English, so i'd be thrilled to have more Yiddish submissions.

Please spread the word to anyone you think would be interested

crossposted everywhere i could think of...
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Idiom help.. [13 May 2007|06:54pm]

I tried this over in 'linguaphiles', but they just sent me here.

So, i'm trying to make a singable translation of Mordkhe Gebirtig's song "Minutn fun Bitokhn" for a translation class i'm in, and the first verse ends with the lines "hot geduld, bitokhn / un nem alts on far lib". "Have patience and faith/confidence" is pretty clear. 'Onnemen', however, has a particularly confusing array of possibilites, none of which i can quite make sense of with 'far lib'. I'm sure there's some tricky idiomatic useage that Weinreich just isn't telling me.

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Nudzh [27 Dec 2006|11:21am]

I was walking home from work last night, and saw this at the construction of an addition to the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies. Figured the folks here would appreciate.


Sorry about the blurriness, my camera doesn't perform outstandingly at night.
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[21 Oct 2006|06:19am]

I cant find an english translation to this most beautiful yiddish song. Any help would be much appreciated.

Motl, der opreyter,
in shop dort shtendik neyt er,
ale yorn dreyt er dort in shop.
Er shpilt di katarinke
un shvitst bay der mashinke.
Motl is a voyler yungerman.

Motl hot a vayb un kinder tsvey,
shver un biter arbet er far sey.
Un vayl Motl arbet shver,
fardint der boss alts mer,
un Motl blaybt derselber oreman.

voss-she vil der Motl,
der opreyter Motl?
Er vil nit keyn raykhkeyt oder gelt,
er vil far vayb un kinder broyt
un amol a shukh, a kleyd.
Motl vil keyn ssakh nit fun der velt.

A shtrayk hot oyssgebrokhn,
shoyn gantse tsvelef vokhn,
un Motl is a guter yunyen-man.
Motl der opreyter
as men shikt im, geyt er,
un mit ale in der piket-layn.

In shtub sayn vayb un kinder tsvey,
un nishto keyn shtikl broyt far sey.
Tut Motl vey doss harts,
alts kukt aroyss tsu im shvarts.
Er dreyt lebn shop mit a ssayn.

In piket-layn shteyt Motl,
un a gengsster mit a bottl
´barfalln hot im dort inmitn gass,
mitn flash, voss er´t gehaltn,
hot er Motlss kop tseshpaltn...
In sayn eygn blut vet Motl nass.

Gevorn is a tuml, a geshrey,
gebrakht im tsu sayn vayb un kinder tsvey,
Sey veynen, gissn trern,
nor Motl ken nisht hern:
Motl hot geendikt shoyn sayn dshob.

voss-she vilt der Motl,
der opreyter Motl?
Er hot nishtgevolt keyn ashiress un keyn gelt,
er´t gevolt far vayb un kinder broyt,
ittst ligt shoyn Motl toyt.
Motl hot geendikt shoyn sayn dshob.
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Chutzpah [13 Oct 2006|03:26pm]

[ mood | planning dumb things ]

I have no middle name, though my parents always said 'you can make one up for yourself - we left it blank for you.'

I am approaching 21, and I'm a college student (English Major) with too much time on my hands. I am considering, for my 21st birthday, to give myself the middle name - legally, by deed poll - of Chutzpah.

I always thought it was a fantastic word, I love the cadance of Yiddish, and I'm very proud of my Jewish and unconventional background, so the word Chutzpah has always seemed fantastic to me.

However, the Wikipedia entry on Chutzpah http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chutzpah seems to give much more emphasis to the negative aspects of the word. Could anyone expand on this for me? Almost all the usage I've heard has been laregly positive, but I'm wondering if I've encountered slightly different usage in England to in the rest of the world.

All feedback appreciated,
Hannah* (with no middle name)

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a yiddish related quotation [11 Oct 2006|10:16pm]

Hey, maybe it'll be inspirational or something...

“Yiddishists without Yiddish. Well, better a Jew without a beard than a beard without a Jew. What I discovered at the Book center, actually, was the idea of Yiddish, quite apart from its grammar and usefulness as a medium of expression. It no longer embarrasses me that what I have called my love affair with Yiddish (like Peretz’s before me, and Abramovitsh before him, though less heterosexual, I suppose) is so fed by the imaginary, so much the idea of the thing. Part of my argument in this book, after all, is that Hebrew and Yiddish were, besides languages, ideas and perceptions about languages. And these ideas were among the greatest and the most powerful of Ashkenazic culture. Dvora Ben-Yehuda’s story illustrates, among other things, that people are perfectly capable of a radical, life-altering commitment to a language whose grammar and vocabulary is utterly mysterious to them. And when Nathan Birnbaum was rallying support for an international conference on the Yiddish language in the first decade of this century, he was forced to address audiences in German because he could not manage the Yiddish that so fired his enthusiasm. There is some meaning, then, to ‘Yiddishism’ and ‘Hebraism’ quite apart from mastery of the language.” - Naomi Seidman from "A Marriage Made in Heaven: The Sexual Politics of Hebrew and Yiddish"

As it happens, i prefer Yiddishists with Yiddish, but that's just an aesthetic preference, really. It strikes me as very true that the ideas of things are often more real and more powerful than the things themselves.

crossposted from my (very sparse) journal
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favorite words [29 Aug 2006|11:45am]

nu, khevre, lomir zikh lernen a bisele yidish...

makht a kurtze rishime mit ayere balibstere verter (give us a list of your favorite words).

Ok, i'll go first (with help from my classmates at the yiddish book center):

kukvinkl - point of view
yam-gazln - pirate
tulyen zikh - to cuddle
kitslen - to tickle
farshimlt - moldy
shtikele ziskayt - really cute term of endearment
makhloykes - debate (usually talmudic)
veverke - squirrel

I'll add more as they come to mind. and please correct things if i've messed anything up.

Your turn...
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How do you spell... [10 Aug 2006|09:31am]

I'm just wondering how one might spell the name "Zillah" in Yiddish. I'm guessing zayen-yud-lamed-pasekh alef. Is that close?

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Translation Request [05 Jul 2006|01:17pm]

I hope this is okay to post here, but I have a quick translation request for a story I'm writing. How would you say "Open your little mouth" in Yiddish? For context, it's an older woman from eastern Europe saying this in a sort of endearing, nice way to a young boy in New York, 1918. Thanks!
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Yiddish Summer Programs [25 Jun 2006|07:22pm]

Does anyone have opinions/advice/etc about these summer Yiddish programs:

For the most part I'm wondering if the quality of instruction is the same. Any other tidbits of info would appreciated, too. If you've got first-hand knowledge about these programs I'd love to hear it.

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flashcards? [24 Jun 2006|07:25pm]

I'm interested in learning some Yiddish and possibly taking NYU/YIVO's summer Yiddish program next year. Can anyone recommend a set of flashcards to help me learn my alef-beys? Thanks!
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Hooray for Yiddish! [18 Jun 2006|07:28pm]

I just joined and I'm reading this fantasmagorical book called Hooray for Yiddish! It has all these jokes and stuff, and the guy who wrote it is SO Jewish. I can relate to him; it's nice to understand all the jokes.
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A quick question ... [16 Jun 2006|08:47am]

I'm staring at a sentence from Avrom Morevski's "Shaylok un Shekspir," and I know what it means, but I'm having trouble putting the English translation into words for a paper. Anybody out there want to take a stab at this one?

Iz Otello a motiv fun shvartzhoitlike tvishn vayse?

Thanks in advance!
(Shakespeare's much more fun in Yiddish. ;))
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